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What are Privilege credits?

Privilege credits are defined as the unit values, counted in credits, generated by the number of rentals or rental days credited to a Privilege Member, determining the Privilege Member's Status. The Privilege Credits are generated both by the number of qualifying rentals and the number of qualifying days credited to a Privilege Member over a qualifying Period. One credit is either equivalent to one qualifying rental or to one qualifying day.

When a Member rents a vehicle at a participating Europcar location via an eligible rate, the Member's account is credited with an additional Privilege credit (rentals and/or days according to what is the most profitable for the member). A maximum of 21 days can be attributed to the Privilege benefits, per rental.

The Privilege Credits can then be viewed online in the Login section of the Europcar website after one week following the invoicing of a qualifying rental when the rental took place in Australia, Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, New-Zealand, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, and the United-Kingdom and 6 weeks after invoicing if the rental took place in other countries of the Europcar network.

If credits are missing  from your Europcar ID after a minimum of  weeks then an email can be sent to customer.servicesBelgium@europcar.com with as many details as possible including your name, Europcar ID, Reservation number or Rental Agreement number, Pick-up date and station, Return station.

Privilege Credits do not constitute a Payment ID and cannot be converted into money.

For more details visit our Privilege Loyalty Programme page or view the Privilege Terms and Conditions.

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