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What is the Privilege Loyalty Program?

The Europcar Privilege loyalty program is a free of charge program designed to enable enrolled customers to receive rewards for their repeat business with Europcar when they rent in any of the participating locations.
The Privilege Program offers the Members four (4) tier levels based on the number of rentals or rental days with Europcar over a period of 24 months period. Program tier levels are Privilege Club, Privilege Executive, Privilege Elite, and Privilege Elite VIP. The Member's tier level changes when he or she satisfies the conditions for obtaining another level, as described below. The new tier level is valid for a period of 24 months. The Member's current tier level is renewed if, at the end of this 24 month period, if the Member still satisfies the conditions for said tier level. If the Member no longer satisfies the conditions for the current tier level over the following 24 month period, then he or she receives the tier level that corresponds to his or her activity at the end of the said period.

On receipt of the subscription confirmation, Europcar will send a confirmation email to the email address given at subscription time by the customer which in turn implies the final acceptance of the offer by the Customer.

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