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What do I do in the event of a breakdown, accident, or vehicle damage?

I. As the renter and driver, you have to pay attention to the following after an accident, fire, theft, game damage or other damage:

1. Notify the police and Europcar immediately. This also applies to accidents caused by yourself without the involvement of third parties or if there is damage to objects, e.g. walls, guardrails, fences, hedges, etc.

2. Prepare a written accident report / damage report. You will find a form for this in your vehicle documents. The accident report or the damage report must in particular contain the name and address of the persons involved and any witnesses as well as the license plates of the vehicles involved and the responsible police station and the police file number. In addition, a sketch of the accident must be made. Submit the accident report and the sketch at the Europcar station. Even in the event of minor damage, such as scratches, you are obliged to prepare a written accident report and a sketch and hand them in at the Europcar station. If you do not create an accident report, this may constitute a breach of your contractual obligations. In this case, you may lose the benefits of the protection package. Please note the general rental conditions (AVB).

II. In the event of an accident or breakdown, you will be provided with an emergency management service. The services of our emergency management are included in the rental price. Details on the scope of services can be found in Appendix 1 to our AVB.

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